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Taixing Aerospace Electric Co., Ltd.

We sincerely welcome you to visit the official website of the company. We are a young and energetic enterprise. We adhere to the enterprise tenet of "carrying things with great virtue" and adhere to the principle of seeking credit with sincerity and establishing business with credit. We will always fulfill all the obligations of an enterprise to customers, employees and the society.

We advocate the "people-oriented" corporate culture, we are dedicated to creating a good working environment for every employee. Let each employee's talent be exerted here, and the synergy between employees and the enterprise is our sincere wish!

We have a firm and clear quality concept. Adhere to professional spirit, focus on core advantages, pursue excellent quality, keep improving and be consistent. With high-quality products and in place services, we will continue to enhance the brand value and enterprise value of our products, which is our eternal pursuit!

Opportunity and challenge coexist, glory and dream coexist. We are full of confidence and strength in our future. We will live up to our expectations, forge ahead with the past, keep pace with the times and climb the summit bravely, and strive to build a high-quality brand in China's Transformer Industry - Haitian electric!

I hope to become a permanent partner with you, and wish our cause to progress together!


Taixing Hangtian Electrical Connector Co., Ltd.

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