Connector market likes and worries

2020-04-26 admin

When it comes to connector, we may be a little strange, but we can see it everywhere in our life. Connector, or connector, is generally called plug. It refers to the device connecting two active devices, transmitting current or signal, etc. The socket and fuse that can be seen everywhere in our life are one kind of connector. For the whole market, the connector industry is a completely independent industry. With the coming of the era of network economy and the aggravation of market-oriented competition, the connector industry in China is moving faster and faster in the network economy. According to the research results of Mr. Hu Baofu, a research expert of electronic industry in China, the electronic industry will move towards the era of network marketing in the next five years, in which connector, as the basis and important support of electronic industry, will play a greater value and create a broader market space in the network market. From the perspective of industry statistics, connector industry has begun to transfer to the Internet on a large scale, with an annual growth rate of 30%. From the perspective of economic benefits, the network market is more conducive to the reduction of channel costs and increase of profits; from the perspective of resource benefits, the network market will reduce the storage of goods and improve the utilization rate of resources; from the perspective of consumers, more convenient and efficient consumption will save more costs, while the global market will also bring more cost-effective products; In terms of industry development, more transparent competition will reduce unfair competition and eliminate some enterprises that damage industry development. Therefore, the connector network market will have broad prospects and full market space, and the future development is worthy of our expectation. However, the development of connector industry network market is still in a small scale, and the traditional marketing channels still occupy the mainstream market as a whole. At the same time, people in the industry, including the public consumers, are still lack of awareness of the connector network market, and it will take a long time to develop the idea of more strategic vision in the future. The marketing market transfer of an industry needs a variety of conditions, among which platform and tools are the most basic and important conditions for successful transfer. As far as the current situation is concerned, there are few communication platforms with brand value. After the Internet search, there are only a few portal websites, such as China connector network, whose website "51ljq" is also named after the homophonic "I want connector". However, there is still a lack of such network trading platforms in China. At the same time, the mature operation of these platforms also needs the joint efforts of industry people. At the same time, combined with the rapid development trend of mobile network, China's connector network platform mobile app is also an important tool for future development, which will greatly save time and improve efficiency. Enterprises and businessmen can easily understand the product information of the industry through mobile phones at any time, so as to conduct market transactions at the most appropriate time and seek the best interests. Some domestic experts also said that China's connector network market will go through a high-speed development process. It is crucial for domestic enterprises to seize the first opportunity to occupy a good market platform, otherwise the industry will face a fatal dilemma if it fails to develop healthily in the international market competition.

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